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Enhancing patient wellness while supporting caregivers and healthcare professionals in today’s volatile world with flexible, dynamic production planning.

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Enriching life with resilient supply chains

Life Sciences companies must ensure the right product for the right patient across multiple categories and distribution channels. Strict government regulations mean penalties for non-compliance can be severe. Unexpected active ingredient or labour shortages mean planners have to be agile and resilient.

Replan delivers the highest delivery performance from your plants, with AI-powered algorithms that optimise complex changeovers across your product mix while balancing the myriad pharma and biotech-specific complexities and constraints.

Fast scenario planning means you’re always prepared to respond to changes quickly, such as a new R&D product being launched in the market after successful clinical trials. Replan integrates seamlessly with your core systems, adding an essential layer of intelligence to streamline the planning process.

Invigorate patient centricity, cure supply chain lethargy

Faster scenario modelling
Maximise demand satisfaction

Synchronise dependent activities across blending, granulation, pressing, packaging and more. AI-powered algorithms ensure your plants produce the right product, for the right customers, at the right time, in the right quantity on the right line.

Maximise production throughout
Maximise production throughput

Extract every possible capsule of capacity from your bottleneck resources, while synchronising ingredient shelf-life and expiry, clinical and commercial production and other complexities in line with regulatory requirements.

Prepare for the unexpected

Empower planners to anticipate and respond to what-if scenarios for product launches, tenders, clinical trials and supply chain disruptions.

Reduce waste
Reduce waste

Increase yield, decrease capacity and material loss through smarter production planning, saving time and resources and improving your margins.

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Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals or biotechnology, Replan can streamline your toughest, most complex production realities. Whether that’s strict multi-level production recipes or ingredient fermentation processes, batch or lot management, changeover matrices with costs and time, alternate production lines, product run-rates that vary by line, or co-products and by-products, no challenge is too big.

Detailed digital twin to optimise production plans

If you can’t represent your plants, recipes and routings, you can’t optimise them. Synchronise with your CDMOs and CMOs.

Connect seamlessly with major ERP systems and automatically capture the realities of your manufacturing lines. 

With support for aggregate group planning and alignment with operational or S&OP/ IBP plans, you can create real-world scenarios in just a few clicks to gain an unprecedented clarity over your supply chain management.

Existing Scenarios screenshoot

Simplifying rules and objectives to improve planning predictability 

Plan for campaigns, batches or any variation, transition or complexity. Group production by similar characteristics of ingredients, subassemblies or finished product.

Easily manage business logic, constraints and goals from one place. No coding, no customisation and no PhD necessary! Democractise planning across the organisation, empowering your entire team to execute complex interdependent rules quickly and accurately.

Set and adjust priorities to compare the outcomes, finding the sequence that best fits your objectives.

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Fast scenarios for rapid production planning

Impact of what-if promotions and campaigns, tenders, product transitions or supply shortages are all easy with scenario planning. 

Connect demand forecasts and capacity availability to deliver a constrained plan in minutes. Seamlessly refresh plans with data from SAP or any ERP. Clone and modify inputs to determine short-term and long-term impact. 

Simulate at will and banish “I’ll get back to you” from your lexicon once and for all!

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Optimisation algorithm library to improve efficiency

Automatically apply the right AI algorithm to your supply chain planning. Parametrise and configure to further finetune.

The choice is yours: whether your priority is optimising changeover times to maximise output efficiency, or balancing changeover and inventory, you can freely accept, reject, or edit the optimiser’s recommendations.

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Intelligent automation to streamline production planning

Orchestrate your processes with guided flows and analytics. 

Seamlessly integrate AI automation and workflow capabilities to quickly understand and respond to the implications of events on your Life Science supply chain.

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Discover how Replan can help your organisation balance service, inventory and utilisation whilst maintaining plan stability.

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