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Exploring The Next Era Of Planning For F&B

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Supply planning is dead, but it can be revived

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Tackle the most challenging planning situations with powerful ready-to-configure features

Product production chain
Product production chain

AI Optimisation and Algorithms

Generate a dynamic production sequence that is responsive to demand and business objectives. Powered by AI. Don’t cast your production wheel in stone. You decide whether to accept, reject or edit the optimiser’s recommendations.

SKUs, Groups and Forecasts

Simplify the planning process, smooth forecasts, increase plan stability and postpone SKU-level decisions until closer in time by grouping SKUs. Utilise time-phased forecasts in daily, weekly or monthly time-buckets.

What-if Scenarios

Simulate at will. Results in minutes. Clone and modify inputs to determine impact. Compare results and banish “I’ll get back to you” from your lexicon.

(Don’t worry, no email required!)

Resources, Capacity & Changeovers

Foundational to an accurate production plan, represent each resource in detail. Time-bucketed capacity calendars and planned downtime increase accuracy of capacity representation. Run-rates and batch-sizes that vary by line for each product and product groups increase accuracy of plans. A detailed changeover time and cost matrix ensures a dynamic production sequence with minimal approximations that is responsive to demand and other business goals.


Ensure that you’re reserving capacity to make the right products, in the right quantities for the right customers at the right time with easily configurable priorities and parameters.

Stock Boundaries

Inventory matters. Control stock levels between minimum and maximum limits to best meet business objectives.

Configuration, not Customisation

Manage business logic, constraints and goals quickly and easily. Whether it’s maximising demand or minimising changeovers or maximising capacity utilisation or minimising inventory, you decide how important each objective is, and you decide which is a hard constraint and which can be violated. No coding, no customisation, no PhD necessary!

Product production chain
Product production chain

Analytics and Intelligent Automation

All your demand, capacity and inventory views and reports in easy-to-digest visualisation, all in one place. No more bouncing between systems and stitching information together. Automate the mundane and empower your planners and decision-makers with guided flows and analytics.

Cloud / SaaS

Rest easy knowing that there’s no software to install and maintain. Everything is always available and accessible from anywhere, SLA up to 99.99%. You’re always on the latest version with access to the newest features.


Connect seamlessly with major ERP systems to automatically capture the realities of your manufacturing lines, and feed back your plans. Spreadsheet uploads/downloads are welcome too. 


Industry leading, scalable, private network, cloud-hosted solution. All customer data secured with SHA-256 with RSA encryption at rest and in transit. Single Sign On with leading SSO providers. Active monitoring of environments and security.

Product production chain
2023: Sweat, Momentum and Results at Replan

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Group-Member Adherence: Enabling a single continuous plan

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Replan partners with AWS to accelerate manufacturers onto the cloud

Replan partners with AWS to accelerate manufacturers onto the cloud

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