By: Richie Barter

Let’s talk about supply chains.

Like so many things we depend on, many people do not think twice about them until something goes wrong. Now, they are at the forefront of conversation. 

The stark operational and disruptive realities brought about by recent unforeseen events means supply chain planners urgently need enhanced tools – not decades old technology –  to respond to the uncertainty of today’s volatile world. 

In the past two years alone, we’ve seen global stockouts, lead times mulitplying, and a widespread loss of consumer confidence. Brexit, Covid-19, port closures and now the ongoing war in Ukraine, have seen supply chains faced with a series of unprecedented black swan events. 

This rapid change has exposed critical technology and process problems at the heart of large manufacturers. Many are struggling to find ways to replan their supply chains faster, whilst seeking to squeeze everything they possibly can from their strained operational capacities. 

Despite the fact that supply chain planning as a specialism has existed for at least three decades, many processes have not evolved and remain manual. Over the past year my team has had hundreds of conversations with production planning leaders across the globe. One key message emerged loud and clear: manual planning processes simply cannot keep pace with the complexities of today’s hyper-speed world. 

Supply chain planners need streamlined ways to marshal operational complexity and optimise mid-term production plans. They need faster simulation capabilities to reflect the myriad of planning situations they now face, while business leaders need rapid and powerful scenario modelling to intuitively understand the operational “what-ifs” in real-time.

Planning must now be redefined.

Welcome to Replan. 

Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of Replan – a supply chain planning solution designed to streamline complex production planning. 

Wrapped inside a fast, intuitive UI, Replan delivers cutting-edge AI modelling and optimisation capabilities to transform and scale production planning, empowering supply chain planners to anticipate and respond to disruption with greater intelligence and agility. Intelligent algorithms supercharge the delivery of flexible, repeating production sequences, taking IBP and S&OP processes to new levels of clarity and efficiency. And fast scenario modelling enables manufacturers to confidently perform streamlined production sequencing in minutes.  

Underpinned by 10 years of deep expertise in creating data products that leverage artificial intelligence, the sole purpose of Replan is to make supply chain planning infinitely easier. No matter how tough or complex the supply chain, with Replan, planners are empowered to respond quickly, intelligently, and confidently to whatever the world throws at them. 

In fact, so strong is our belief in our ability to transform production planning, we’re betting our entire company on it. We’ve decided to go all in and christen the company itself as Replan

For our existing customers, associates and stakeholders who know us as AltViz, you can rest assured that our company values of integrity, curiosity and tenacity remain the same. The only difference you will notice is a tighter focus on the transformative supply chain solutions we deliver to you. 

Our fast-growing, innovative company has been working on intelligent automation for over a decade. Now, backed by leading venture capital firm Hoxton Ventures, we are channelling all our skills and resources into the digital supply chain space.

Replan is on a mission to help manufacturers build more agile and resilient supply chains. Join us on this journey and transform your planning capabilities with dynamic production sequences and intelligent automation.

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Discover how Replan can help your organisation balance service, inventory and utilisation whilst maintaining plan stability.

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