The production planning and scheduling process is a complex task for food and beverage (F&B) bottlers, requiring careful optimization of inventory and production efficiency. However, many bottlers still rely on manual planning in Excel, which can be time-consuming and hinder their ability to identify potential cost savings. Moreover, the increasing complexity of filling sequences, wash downs, and packaging changeovers, coupled with variations in weights, shapes, and labels, only adds to the challenges faced by bottlers. In this article, we will delve into these issues and explore how Replan’s innovative solution aims to address them, revolutionizing production planning and scheduling in the F&B industry.


Challenges in F&B Bottling Production Planning:

Efficient inventory management and production planning are critical for F&B bottlers to meet customer demands while minimizing costs. Unfortunately, many bottlers still struggle with manual planning processes, relying on Excel spreadsheets that are time-consuming and prone to errors. This outdated approach hampers their ability to identify potential savings and optimize their production processes effectively.

Furthermore, the ever-increasing complexity of bottling operations adds another layer of difficulty. Different filling sequences, wash downs, and packaging changeovers have become more intricate, requiring careful consideration of variations in weights, shapes, and labels. These factors make it challenging for bottlers to streamline their production planning and achieve maximum efficiency.


Replan’s Solution: Revolutionizing Production Planning

  • Replan offers a cutting-edge technology-driven solution for F&B bottlers.
  • The solution aims to streamline the production planning process.
  • Replan utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced algorithms to achieve this goal.
  • The technology reduces the time required to update production plans from days to minutes.
  • Automation empowers bottlers to make swift, informed decisions and optimize operations.
  • Replan’s software seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • The solution enables balancing efficiency, demand, and inventory levels across multiple production lines.
  • The software facilitates rapid scenario planning for sales and operations planning and execution (S&OP/E) processes.
  • Bottlers can respond quickly to changing market conditions and make data-driven decisions.


Expertise in Bottling: Shabbir Ahmed and Steve Adams

Replan understands that industry expertise is crucial in addressing the unique challenges faced by F&B bottlers. To further strengthen their solution, Replan boasts a team of experts with deep knowledge and experience in bottling operations. Notably, they reference the expertise of Shabbir Ahmed and Steve Adams, former professionals from Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), renowned for their extensive experience in supply chain planning and management. This expertise serves as a testament to Replan’s credibility and their ability to understand and tackle the complexities of bottling operations effectively.


Replan’s Success Stories: Delivering Tangible Results

To substantiate their claims, Replan shares success stories from their collaborations with European wine and spirit manufacturers. These success stories highlight the tangible benefits achieved by implementing Replan’s solution. For instance, one collaboration resulted in an annual margin increase of £2 million and a 5% increase in throughput per week. These concrete results demonstrate Replan’s ability to deliver significant value to bottlers, improving their bottom line and operational efficiency.



In the fiercely competitive F&B industry, bottlers face numerous challenges in production planning and scheduling. Optimizing inventory, improving production efficiency, and managing complexities arising from filling sequences, wash downs, and packaging changeovers are crucial for success. Replan’s technology-driven solution revolutionizes production planning for F&B bottlers, offering automation, optimization, and rapid decision-making capabilities. Through collaborations with major bottlers and a team of industry experts, Replan has proven its ability to deliver tangible results. By implementing Replan’s solution, F&B bottlers can overcome their planning challenges, achieve operational excellence, and stay ahead in an increasingly demanding market.

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