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Richie Barter,
CEO Replan

“It seems like just yesterday when I came to you with a Q1 update, and just a blink of an eye since I wrote my Q3 update. It’s already time to provide another update and reflect on 2023. On all fronts — Product, Market coverage and Customer Value — 2023 was a year of tremendous progress and momentum towards our mission of simplifying complex supply chain planning. We learned and pivoted from our failures. We learned and built upon our successes. None of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts, dedication and sweat of our team and that of our partners, stakeholders and our customers. The results — Customer value — are clear for all to see!”

Here are some of the highlights


Product — Fast innovation

In 2023, we continued to innovate rapidly and delivered more than 18 new capabilities. Building on the rich features we began in 2021 and 2022, we strengthened our solution for multi-level production chains, multi-resource process steps, raw material planning, group priority and tiering, lost or delayed sales coverage. We made our solution stronger for large, complex supply chains with a large number of product groups, deep production levels, dense changeover matrices and long planning horizons.

We made our user-interface even easier-to-use, from simplified data management to easy-to-access, easy-to-understand reports that get to the health and ailments of a plan quickly!

The key highlight of all this innovation was Full Horizon Supply planning, a set of capabilities to enable a single continuous plan all the way from the S&OP horizon through S&OE to the Scheduling horizon. Along the way we solved several tough problems, the hardest of which was to get to an algorithmic framework that delivers optimised plans within a meaningful compute or solve time, and using a realistic amount of compute resources.

We focused on scale, processing speed, deployment velocity and security. A key accomplishment was partnering with AWS and making Replan available on the AWS Marketplace, after rigorous technical and architectural evaluations.


Market coverage — Growing the Partner Ecosystem

We’re delighted that our Partner Ecosystem has taken off in 2023!

Don’t get me wrong. Our own thought leadership and market outreach has resulted in tremendous growth in our LinkedIn presence and engagement, tens of thousands of impressions on LinkedIn and over 12,000 visitors to our website. We attended various supply chain conferences including Gartner, SCL Forum and others. We interacted with more than 200 manufacturers to discuss their supply chain and production planning needs, a significant portion of which has now translated into potential sales engagements.

However, we had realised very early that we need allies to help us accomplish our mission – both for scope and speed of market reach. With that in mind, we focused on recruiting Consulting Partners, Technology Partners and Resellers. We have seen a 7x growth in organizations that we can say we’re proud to Partner with.

Our Partners see the measurable results our solution can deliver to their customers. They see how easy it would be for them to deploy our solution to their customers. Our Partners are now pulling us into conversations with their customers, greatly accelerating our reach into multiple geographies such as Asia and the Middle East, and industry verticals like Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.


Customer Value – The proof is in measurable improvement

Interacting and engaging with more than 200 manufacturers across various verticals, geographies and revenue segments, our team delivered more than 5 proof-of-value engagements. Most of these customers are in various stages of converting their initial deployments to longer term relationships. We’re beyond thrilled to deliver this proof to our first customer in Asia!

While each customer situation is unique in its own way, there’re a few common characteristics:

  • Excel and ERP continue to be the incumbent planning tools. Some companies never adopted anything else. Some adopted advanced planning tools but after a period of attempted use realised their inadequacy and returned to their familiar spreadsheets.
  • ERP + Advanced planning solutions are still delivering less than they promise, despite decades of investment and focus. They’re too broad, hard for planners to learn, difficult to implement well, not detailed enough and not intelligent enough to address the day-to-day realities of complex manufacturing.
  • Planners and executives alike, want solutions that are easy-to-everything. Easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to run/maintain, easy to understand and to explain. They want solutions they can embrace and trust.
  • Measurable business improvement is not only possible, but available here and now! Our proof-of-value engagements have routinely revealed CFO-acceptable improvements:
    • 5% or more increase in product availability
    • 20% or better in inventory investment
    • 30% or more in capacity utilisation or reduced changeovers
    • Revenue, cost, operating margin improvements
    • Planning cycle times reduced from 1 week or more to less than 1 day
  • Measurable business improvements can be delivered in weeks. It does not require months of effort, armies of staff and consultants and millions of dollars of investment before any tangible benefit is returned. With a small, focused cross-functional team, we execute our initial engagements in 4 – 6 weeks.

Looking ahead into 2024

Our customers, their value proof-points and our Partners keep us energised and focused on our Product innovation, in support of our mission! 2024 will be the year of consolidating on this momentum with our Partners, continuing to deliver Product capabilities that are intelligent, fast, scalable, secure and easy-to-use. Above all, it will be the year we prove to new customers and our industry leaders alike that innovative solutions to age-old supply chain problems that deliver measurable results have arrived!

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