Worried about energy supply and skyrocketing costs?

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Supplies of gas, coal and electricity are severely restricted. Energy costs have at least doubled in the last 12 months and continue to explode. Manufacturers and their supply chains face an existential threat. Planning teams need better resources to navigate their businesses to safety.

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"The time has come to treat energy as a direct resource or material"

- Richie Barter CEO Replan

Demo: Learn to plan better for energy usage in Replan


Demo: Learn to plan better for energy usage in Replan



Gain visibility to energy consumption

By Plant, line, intermediate item, finished good, SKU, group and customer, now you know exactly which part of your business is consuming how much energy at any time.


Reduce energy consumption

With dynamic production sequences that optimise changeovers and transitions, resulting in the least amount of energy wasted.


Allocate limited energy supplies to the right products

AI-driven algorithms balance your competing requirements to ensure your energy supply is directed to plants, lines and products that best meet your business objectives.


Simulate fast for any situation

Energy supplies and costs will continue to be volatile. Plan ahead for any event with rapid and virtually unlimited what-if scenarios

Learn more about the energy crisis

Manufacturers and their planning teams need to act now

Governments and industry groups are working on rationing and policy changes. Manufacturers and their planning teams can ensure their people and processes don’t completely run out of gas by adopting or reinforcing some core planning principles and capabilities:

  • Increase agility and synchronisation of planning, scheduling and execution processes: 
  • Adopt a Continuous Planning & Execution mindset
  • Create, evaluate and operationalize numerous scenarios for greater preparedness
  • Begin treating natural resources with the same planning rigour as direct materials

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Further Reading on the Crisis

A curated selection of insightful material on the energy crisis in Europe from around the world. Just so, you don’t have to search much. Suggest additional material for us to include and come back for regular updates.

The Economist

How to deal with Europe’s energy crisis – The Economist’s sober and detailed analysis of the governmental response to averting the crisis is interesting and could generate further edge case scenarios for manufacturing planning teams to consider. If you don’t have an economist subscription, we have a limited number of shareable links, just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.


Out of control energy bills – We toyed with running a survey of the Replan network until we saw that the great folks at MakeUK had done the job far better for us. There are some scary numbers in there for the UK and by extension EU manufacturing organisations. This should help to focus the minds of anyone not convinced that better planning for the coming months would help.

Chemical Plant day shiny pipes

The Guardian Newspaper

How gas rationing at Germany’s BASF plant could plunge Europe into crisis by Philip Oltermann –
A very real insight into the challenges being faced by one of Europe’s largest Chemical manufacturers. How BASF’s planning teams are handling the various scenarios thrown up by the crisis would be a fascinating case study in its own right.

McKinsey & Company

Future-proofing the supply chain – Strategies and practices to assess risks and mitigants within the context of supply chain. Their proposed solutions in Exhibit 3 which calls out planning accuracy and agility as a key area of operational improvement.

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