Redefine complex supply chain planning processes

We want to make supply chain management infinitely easier and empower planners to respond quickly, intelligently and confidently to whatever the world may throw at them.



No matter the size, scale and complexity of your production planning, our intelligent solutions will streamline and optimize it.

“We handle the broadest range of planning situations and levels of automation of any software in the market”


– Richie Barter, CEO

Where decades of supply chain experience and enterprise software expertise are joined in tackling the biggest, hairiest supply chain challenges facing the world today.


Together we are innovating to redefine planning, release hidden capacity, reduce costs and rejuvenate revenue.

Deep Industry and Technology Experience.

Johan van Ingen
Planning Lead

With 20+ years of Supply Planning experience, Johan has worked with global leading supply planning software solutions such as Regional and Global Inventory Management, Global Process Capability, IBP and S&OP. Johan has a Masters in Organizational Science and MBA in business and is eager to turn challenges into solutions that have not been solved before.

Shabbir Ahmed
Director – Solutions Advisory

Shabbir brings over 25 years experience working in all elements of planning for some of the premier household brands in FMCG. He has a passion for achieving solutions for clients that are fit for purpose and for the longer term needs of the business. A practical planning thought leader specializing in enabling the planning function to orchestrate the supply chain in the short, medium and long term horizons.

Kevin O

Kevin O’Flynn
Sales Director

With a background in manufacturing strategy and innovation, Kevin is passionate about helping customers overcome production planning and supply chain challenges. He has a PhD in Manufacturing from University College Dublin.

Jason O

Jason O’Regan

With 20 years’ experience gained at UBS, RBS and Barclays, Jason leads our research and development team. He thrives on wrangling massive amounts of complex supply chain data and applying advanced planning algorithms to it, with no customer problem too big or small. Jason has a Bachelor of Commerce and H Dip in Computer Science.

richie b

Richie Barter

Founder of Replan. Enterprise data problem solver. With a keen interest in the financial impact of supply chain planning, Richie has a MSc with distinction in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford and a MSC in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics.

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Advisory Board

Steve Adams
Supply Chain Advisor

Steve is the former Vice President for Coca Cola European Partners Supply Chain and part of the GB Exec Board. He led the company’s manufacturing strategy as well as being a key member of the digital supply chain transformation team.

He worked across the Coca Cola system for 21 years, spending time in the US, across Europe as well as Japan.

Steve is now a Director, NED and advisory board member for a number of scale ups in the Digital Supply Chain and Manufacturing space.

Kedar Dani
Investor and GTM Advisor

Kedar is a growth advisor and angel investor to technology start-ups. He serves on the board of directors of Druid AI, and on the advisory board of several startups including Replan, where he has been helping with the go-to-market strategy and execution.

Over his 25-year career in IT & BPO, Kedar has worked at leading companies like Hexaware, Unisys, EXL Service, Capgemini, Genpact and UiPath. At UiPath, as Global Vice President he played a pivotal role in launching the highly-successful UiPath Test Suite, while carrying global revenue responsibility.

Scott DeCarlo

With over 25 years experience in go-to-market supply chain, Scott has a diverse supply chain background in CPG, QSR, B2B and more.
He has held executive roles at Unilever, ASR Group (Domino Foods), IPC (Subway Restaurants),
Ferraro Foods and, at present, Schuman Cheese.

Scott is a passionate and energetic leader, coach, strategist and organisational change agent. He has led efforts focused on: Supply & Demand Planning, S&OP and ERP implementations,
Order Fulfillment, Logistics, Distribution and Network Optimization, Procurement,
Replenishment, Strategic Sourcing, Customer Supply Chain Collaboration and Business

He holds a degree in Business from Nyack College.

Smarter planning solutions for greater resilience and agility

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Replan Locations

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New York,
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EU Location

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UK Location

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Daniel Noonan

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